Joanne's Story

Mhyah my adorable rescue dog - September 2017

Joanne Yeoh

People often comment, when they meet Mhyah, how sweet and gentle she is. They tell me I am lucky to have picked a rescue-street dog, with her characteristics especially with how trusting she is.

Here's the secret though...before I met Mhyah in person, we held several telepathic communication-conversations about what she needed, what her personality traits were, how she would feel about coming to join my family etc. I also told her about me and my family, where I live, lifestyle etc. We got to know one another before we met in person. How great is that? I also asked her if she would mind having her name changed from 'Mary' to 'Mhyah'.

An excerpt of the communication I had with Mhyah before I met her. (She was known as 'Mary' then).

Unassuming, Playful, Slightly shy but overcomes this easily when encouraged to approach or to go explore. Can get confused if there are 'too many things going on', i.e. too many distractions in a new example if doorbell goes, then other dogs bark, or I rush to the door and start talking and phone rings....Mary will manifest her confusion by 'withdrawing' or 'moving away' so it's important to include her in the situation to help her confidence and to allow her to work with knowing how to deal with 'numerous variants at the one time'. Her confidence is generally there but still at a developing stage so important to influence this positively. I sense a need to help her to build a 'strong thinking mind' so she can assess situations and feel in control of her position.

Doesn't like loud noises or shouting. Likes higher pitched tones (she refers to this as 'happy voices', and also likes low vibrational tones - really responds to conversations and chats.

Likes to be 'boisterous' outdoors playing with other dogs. Indoors Mary shows an interest in her environment but is able to settle well. Does not like to be on her own - would be happy to be left in the company of animals though. Interesting she shares with me she would rather be left in the company of animals with the humans having gone out than just having humans on her own (I get what she means is she wouldn't want to be left behind if the other dogs were going out or away). She said she would like to have both humans and animals in her life but she wouldn't want to be without animal companionship (especially dogs).

Turns out, so much of the communication is true!!

Watch my video about Mhyah: