Joanne's Story

Donny's Story - September 2014

Joanne Yeoh

This is how it all began for me......

My Bichon, Donny, is complex and contradictory in nature. For 3 years he continually licked and chewed his front two paws, at times to the point of bleeding. This is a dog who loves his walks and enjoys nothing more than to run and fetch a ball. So when I see him limping and unable to walk easily down the garden path it brings tears to my eyes. I was advised that his problem was highly likely to be related to allergies. The generalisation that Bichons suffer from allergies is a common one. As a result I made numerous attempts at changing his diet, his bedding, his shampoo. I bought products that alleviated itching. I tried various methods to stop him licking and chewing his paws from applying on-the-market bitter solutions to bandaging his paws. All to no avail. What was worse was that this created a terrible cycle; me struggling to stop him from chewing and Donny becoming more and more determined he would lick and chew his paws. The problem became progressively worse and eventually I resigned myself to the fact that he would have to permanently wear the dreaded plastic e-collar 'cone' as being the only solution to stop him from this awful habit. It broke my heart to see him waddling around indoors, clumsily bumping into furniture, wearing this god-forsaken contraption. This was the pattern for 3 years, on and off.

One day I stumbled upon a video clip relaying the story of Anna Breytenbach and Spirit, the black leopard (View the clip HERE). This video clip touched me deeply. What also happened, was that I had a profound shift in my understanding of what animals needed, and the realisation that we don't know how to listen to them. This made me question the way I related to my own pet animals. In a very simplistic way I decided to try this form of communication with Donny. I remember being very still and calm and I waited in this quiet space to see if I could hear what he wanted to tell me. I then received communication from him that he was trying to cope with backache and that was why he would lick and chew his paw. It was a way of releasing his stress. This communication was so clear, and it came almost from nowhere that I decided to trust and honour this message. And as a result I was able to apply healing to the affected area on his back. Within a couple of days, he stopped licking and chewing his paws! This was unbelievable for me at the time, as I had struggled with this for such a long time. However, the improvement to his paws continued and as a result the relationship with all my pet animals changed. As a result of this, I began to explore more about the work of animal communicators.

Today my work as an Animal Communicator is one that is incredibly fulfilling, and my desire to help pet animals and their owners is what truly makes me want to get out of bed everyday!