Mentoring Package

By joining my mentorship programme, you will have exclusive access to my help with monthly 1-to-1 sessions, so you will know for certain that you can deliver accurate, high quality, meaningful communication directly to the people who need it the most. I have created this programme specifically for people who want to speed past the blocks and fears stopping them from giving live animal communications.

If you want to:

  • Get instant verification from the person that you are connected to their animal
  • Receive instant feedback from the person about how the communication is going
  • See instantly the impact and transformation that the information has on a person's life
  • Have the confidence to follow your own style
  • Be able to communicate quickly & immediately, as and when needed
  • Provide extra support to the person when there is emotional information being relayed
  • Enable not just a one-way communication, but a conversation, with you as their guide

My 3 month mentoring programme will not only help you level-up your animal communications to offer something more meaningful, but will also transform them from one-way dialogues, to life-changing, deeper conversations between you, the animal and the person.

Sign up now for the 3 month package and receive:

  • 2x monthly, hour-long mentoring calls with me (a total of six mentoring calls)
  • Access to my signature Communicate with Confidence online course
  • Access to my Practise Den on the Animal Communication Confidence Booster Group, where there are animals ready and waiting to communicate with you
  • Membership to the private Facebook group where you can ask questions, receive extra guidance from me and meet like-minded learners during group communication sessions

Mentoring Package - £750

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Have you ever given an animal communication live, with both animal and person present at that moment? Have you ever wanted to, but you fear getting it wrong feeling like a failure?

Are you fed up of giving communications by writing or via audio files and waiting days for feedback? Meanwhile, your mind is swimming with questions: did I get that bit right? Was I definitely connected to their animal? Was it of value, or was it complete rubbish?!

Ever since I gave my first in-person communication, I have been addicted to it.

My first ever in-person experience was with a horse and his person. I felt immense pressure to ‘perform’ as I stood between them and started. But for a good 10-15 minutes I got nothing from the horse. Not one single thing. I began to sweat. I felt nervous. I felt like a fraud.

But I trusted in the horse and sure enough, after what felt like an eternity, the information started flowing from the horse.

As soon as I started to relay this to the person, the information really resonated with her and she began to soften. I could see the impact this was having on her. I could see before me the transformation in the relationship between her and the horse as it started to go to a much deeper place and it became very emotional.

The horse had paused before starting because he knew the information would be a big deal. As I was there in person, I was able to offer extra emotional support to her that I would not have been able to if I had done it via email or recorded audio file.

After that amazing experience, I became fascinated with doing live communications. I decided to explore it further, so I could offer this deeper form of communication and help more people and animals. I decided to offer free communications to raise money for animal charities. I did this numerous times to practice, until I was confident with the technology and the particular set of challenges that comes with doing live online communications.

So now I offer live animal communications via video call, every time, without fear of failure. I am transparent with my clients before every call - I tell them that if they feel it isn’t working for them, they can have their money back. That way, there is no fear that I will do a whole communication and none of it will resonate with the person, meaning we both know where we stand.

We all fear that time when we receive radio silence, like I did from the horse when I first started. We all fear receiving absolutely nothing, nada, blank. It takes confidence and time to learn to trust yourself, the animal and the process.

I want to help you get through the fear of those silences. To trust that if you receive nothing, it’s not because you are a failure. There are many reasons why you may not be receiving anything, and I want you to have the confidence to believe in yourself and keep going.

I will guide you through the blocks that are stopping you from giving communications live online, and also the fears you have around using the technology needed to deliver them.

Once you start giving live communications, you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner!

Mentoring Package - £750

Contact Me for enrollment dates

Sessions will take place via Zoom video call. Calls will be recorded and sent to you to refer back to at any time. When you have booked, you will receive a link to schedule your time slot with me.