Meet Joanne

Joanne Yeoh

About Joanne

I feel very privileged to be able to describe myself as Intuitive, both in my past work as a qualified healer of people, to now, having developed the treasured insight of being able to communicate with animals.

For the past 20 years I have helped people overcome all sorts of issues that have troubled them. During that time, I embarked on a series of courses, obtaining qualifications in various fields, including Aromatherapy Massage, Hypnotherapy, Touch For Health (Kinesiology), and Spiritual Healing. It was then that I discovered I could somehow 'feel', 'hear', and 'know' what my clients needed in order to help them. I could sense the energy field of that person, and where it was in their body that needed balancing.

I continued with healing, and completed the Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Certification Course with Denise Linn. During these later readings, I became aware that more and more of my clients were wanting readings for their animals. As the readings for animals increased, so I began to discover how highly tuned my insights were for all these wonderful creatures. I truly believed in my ability to help people, but their animals began to dominate my thoughts, and by using my gift of intuitive guidance, found myself concentrating exclusively on animal communication, rather than the healing of people.

As I continued to develop the insight for communicating with animals, so my experiences widened, and with wonderful results found myself able to communicate with all kinds of animals. I now offer communication insights without limitation of animal type, although dogs and cats play the biggest part in the work I do, given their popularity as pets.

I truly treasure the insight I have, and can openly declare that all the animal communication services I have given, have helped both animal and owner, without exception, as the testimonies provided in this website confirm.

Life often takes us on a strange and fascinating path, and now that I am on this one, I realise how special it is for me, and how fulfilling each day is, when I communicate with animals. I can relay their wishes and feelings with their owners, and their owners get to overcome issues that blocked the joy and love they were experiencing with their animals.

My ongoing wish is to assist animals in helping humans to better understand them, so that they and their owners can live in harmony, and both experience the magic of sharing life together.