Animal Communication Services

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General Consultation - up to One Hour Session - £80

You are curious and interested with how Animal Communication can benefit you and your pet. Animal Communication is about opening up a conversation with your pet. It is the deepening of your bond with one another whereby you and your pet can discuss and share about almost everything and anything that is important for your relationship. All communications are carried out by using a photograph so distance and location is not an issue.

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Emergency Communication - £150

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Pain and Chronic Health Support - £145

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End of Life Support - *Add-on package only*

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Resolving Difficulties and Understanding Your Pet - £190

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Introducing a New Dog/Cat or Rescue Dog/Cat Into Your Home - £300

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**If you do not find a package that is suitable for your specific needs, I would welcome a chat with you so that we can discuss tailoring the communication exactly to what can help you and your pet. You can contact me via the Contact Form or you can email me at

How It Works:

Sessions are mainly carried out via recorded Video Calls with yourself (your pet can choose to be present or not, as either way I will be using their photograph to connect with) or can be documented (either transcribed or audio recorded and emailed to you) so you can keep it as reference for the future.

Before booking, please kindly read the 'Statement of Intention' page and state that you have read and understood the contents.

Please note: Any pictures that are sent via post, cannot unfortunately be returned. Therefore please ensure they are not originals!

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