Frequently Asked Questions

What is Animal Communication?

Believe it or not, the ability to communicate with an animal is a natural ability we all have. However, through time and man's detachment from nature, this has sadly become lost to most people. Animal Communication, also known as Interspecies Communication, provides a platform for telepathic connections with all animals, and gives you a chance to re-establish that connection, and to have a personal 'conversation' with your animal. It will help you to understand them better, and they can tell you of their likes and dislikes, how they are feeling emotionally and physically. This will give you an insight into their issues, and help you to listen to what your animal is saying. You can address specific concerns like: 'Are they happy in their new home?' or 'What happened to them before you rescued them?'. The choice of question is yours.

What will I need to do?

The best way for you to benefit from a communication with your animal is to have an open minded approach. For many of you, this will be the first time you have thought about connecting with your animal, and you may have feelings of doubt about it. This is perfectly understandable, as it sounds too good to be true. But if you let those ego feelings fall away, and take a wider view, you will accept that all creatures have the ability to communicate with each other, and therefore there is no reason why we can't communicate with them. Think of all the times your animal acts upon a thought you had, be it 'Must be time for his walk', and he gets up, or 'She'd better not be on the sofa!' and she jumps down just as you enter the room. They 'hear' us, and with an open mind, you can 'hear' them. There is nothing more you need to do. Just believe, and let your Animal Communicator do the rest.

I'm worried about what my animal may say about me. Should I be?

During the communication process, whatever messages I receive are delivered to you, unedited. This will be most evident in the Audio Insight Package. Sometimes an animal will make it known they are concerned about something their human companion does that affects them - maybe they don't like you slamming doors, or they don't like the sound of the vacuum! These 'comments' will be shared with you. What the animal doesn't communicate, is everyday personal behaviour, so you don't need to worry that your animal is going to divulge the fact you like to lay in the bath 3 hours, or the fact you sneeze very loudly! Animal Communication isn't a 'tell all' situation. The animal answers your questions and may make an observation about something you say or do that directly affects them. So relax and enjoy the wonderful experience of communicating with your animal.

Can I get a reading for my animal that's in spirit

Yes, Animal Communication can help you contact your animals that have passed on. It works the same way as if your animal was still with you. Their souls 'live on', so you can simply ask to check they are OK, or ask detailed questions about certain events that happened before they passed. Again, the choice of questions is yours.

Can I communicate with my animal?

You can! We all can. It's just a question of how. Having lost our natural ability to communicate with animals, doing so seems impossible, yet if you stop and think for a moment, you will probably realise you do it every day. Every time you speak to your animal (and we all do), they pick up on the telepathic energy that you give off - It's the energy of thought - You think 'Must get their dinner' which means you subconsciously imagine their food. You then say it to them - 'Dinner time' or similar. They have already 'heard' you when you thought it, and they respond to that image of 'dinner' by also recognising words you speak. Sometimes just the word is a trigger. The sound of the word 'dinner' creates the image in their head. Other times they act on our thought alone. For example your dog stands up in the car as you arrive at a new venue. Nothing has been said and he doesn't know the place. He simply knows you've arrived, because your energy field changed in your mind as you think - 'Ah yes, this is the place' So yes, you can communicate with your animal and I will be running tutorials on how you can do that more effectively. In the meantime, be aware of your energy and practise without words and see what happens.

How will I know if it's my animal in the communication?

Once a connection is made, I will ask a series of specific questions that will identify the animal as yours - This might include describing an object or event that you can verify as being connected to your animal. These answers will clearly reassure you that the connection is with your animal. Once that has been confirmed, I will then continue with your list of questions, and relay the answers as given by the animal. Animals are very wise creatures, and not only will they answer your questions, but they are also able to offer clear and positive advice. Animal Communication is a very rewarding experience, and by listening to your animals, not only can you help them, but they can help you.