Joanne with her family of pets

My Story...

First came Donny, male Bichon, who has been with me from the age of 12 weeks. A year on, I adopted Mitch, male Pomeranian, from a work colleague when he was four years old. Ziggi, male cat, then joined us two years later when I heard he was found at a shop doorway, at the tender age of 4weeks. And Mhyah, a female Crossbreed, aged 6 months she was found on the streets of Bulgaria, travelled to the UK to a foster family then became my rescue dog.

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Mhyah resting her paw in Joanne's hand

Your Pet's Perspective...

Animal Communication will explain how your pet is experiencing things, from their perspective. A chance to see things differently, to actually get to understand the reason for your pet's behaviour. To find out what they are feeling and to have a better understanding of that. It can help your pet to alleviate fear, anxiety, and even help you discover which bed, or food, they prefer.

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Joanne's cat Ziggi resting her paw in Joanne's hand

Client Love...

“I have always wanted to communicate with animals but never believed that I could do it. Joanne made my dream come true. I recently attended Joanne’s programme, each session was exciting, uplifting, informative and fun! Working within a group was special, learning from and supporting each other as we progressed on our journey. Joanne is a fantastic teacher, valuing each student as an individual encouraging and supporting each one of us to communicate in our own special way.” ~ Gail B

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Joanne & her dog Mhyah
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